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Harold Cummings - Co-Owner/CEO
I want to be the Rolls-Royce of production.” – Harold Cummings

It is important to Design South Florida Co-Owner, Harold Cummings that his work is consistently demonstrative of his commitment to outstanding service. Harold operates Drummer Boy Sound Productions under the ideology that affordability should never equal lesser quality.  Having gained the nickname, “Drummer Boy,” from his days as a drummer at church, Harold can play a number of instruments. A dedicated husband and father, Harold’s passion for his work can be seen in the way he handles his team and clients.   As a minority business owner, Harold has faced no shortage of challenges, and this has driven his commitment to excellence all the more.  Harold, along with his wife and business partner, Tangela Cummings, believe in building a diversified portfolio, and so he continues to take on clients from all arenas. As a musician and performer, he offers a unique perspective and a true understanding of sound and stage production. It is Harold’s expertise that has caught the attention not only of big-name music acts, but also of national media such as Live Sound Magazine. Harold’s constant thirst for knowledge and his unwavering commitment to excellence has afforded him opportunities far beyond the two speakers he started with in 2003. He has hit the road with such celebrity talents as Flo’Rida and Estelle, traveling from the US to Canada and Brazil. With the ability to see the big picture, Harold has the skill and talent to understand the small pieces that lay a solid foundation for a grand-scale event.

Tangela Cummings -Co-Owner/Events Director
Design should spark an emotion, cause a reaction and leave an impression. I love what I do and I do what I love. It’s not work. Its just fun. Theres no such thing as bad design. Just redesign.” – Tangela Cummings

This is the quote that is written high on the wall above the desk of Tangela Cummings, Co-Owner and Operator of Design South Florida. Tangela, (or Tangie, as she is affectionately called by her family, staff and customers) is the driving creative force behind Design South Florida’s events. This wife and mother of twins, began to fulfill her passion to design while holding the distinction as the youngest VP at a financial institution. Taking every opportunity to infuse her creative nature into her work, Tangie would use each holiday, office-campaign, and employee morale booster to design office displays, and create graphics. Taking the time to teach herself how to code, and learn a variety of design software, Tangie, with the support of her husband and business partner Harold Cummings, decided to take a leap of faith.  This eventually led to what is today one of South Florida’s top full-service event and production companies. With bright eyes, energy and dedication, Tangie’s creativity is boundless.  She, along with her design team, manage to take the vision of their clients and bring it to life. You dream flying unicorns and waterfalls, and Tangie will deliver in a far grander scale than you imagined. Having the same company for your graphic design, website and event execution makes for a seamless project that is handled with finesse. Beginning with Admarde Solutions, Tangie realized that she did not have to confine her creativity to Advertising, Marketing and Design. With this in mind, she began Admardecor Event Design, Tangela Cummings Weddings and Sweet Confections. No matter what you have hired Tangela to do, she will provide a unique and fresh perspective. With years of experience under belt, she is the embodiment of the limitlessness that is available to us when talent meets skill.





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